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Before the graphic novel lands on a shelf in the store, library, or classroom there are a great deal of decisions that come into play: does the book belong with the themes that house represents? What events or holidays can the book leverage for promotion? What kind of work will be involved in shaping the stories? How is a book selected? What do editors look for in a story or the author? What kinds of surprises can an editor anticipate when working with a new or even established author? These veteran editors valuable perspectives will share insights on what makes a book come to life.

Join writers Ted Anderson, Erik Burnham, and Ron Marz as they face off as contestants in this comic & graphic novel trivia gameshow mashup with rapid fire booktalks. Doesn’t matter who gets the most points, the audience wins big with a list of book recommendations.

Calling all artists and non-artists! Bring your art supplies!
Interested in what goes into the art of comics? Want to create a comic but can’t draw?

Learn more about the expertise that goes into sketching, coloring, and laying out characters and pages of a comic book. Follow along as talented artists demonstrate their craft and explain the ins and outs of their techniques, plus learn more about how those who aren’t artists can also create comics!

Consuming information and entertainment through images is becoming increasingly important and popular in a world of vast, free-flowing data. How do you make a visual story stand out? What makes a visual story more appealing than written ones? What challenges do artists and authors face when embarking on this graphic storytelling journey? Join graphic novelists J. N. Monk (Enough Space for Everyone Else) and Jason Walz (Last Pick) in a conversation about constructing strong stories through images rather than words.

In its twelfth year, San José Public Library (SJPL)’s Graphic Novel Making Contest has become a summer tradition in the Bay Area that has grown to more than 200 annual submissions. Programs such as skill-building workshops, creator visits, and demonstrations are offered in conjunction with the contest. In this session, SJPL staff will discuss tips and tricks of program development, as well as how to leverage partnerships and community support to maximize impact while working with budget and staffing constraints. Presenters will also share their experience with all aspects of this program during COVID-19.